Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Industry: Arcus Studio

Arcus Studios are an animation studio based in Gateshead and seemingly specialize in 2D animation however there is also a lot of 3D animation work they have done as well.

Their portfolio ranges from things such as stings and idents to Public art installations.
Having done work for the BBC, E4 and more, Arcus Studio appears to be a general animation company working on several different kinds of projects.
Lots of the 2D work appears to be produced with Flash which is an area I am familiar with, and in terms of social media, the studio operates a Twitter account.
Looking at the website, it would appear that they themselves (Or at least the person running the Twitter) have used it to find animators who they would like to hire, even if just for temporary basises.

Upon inspection, it seems like something I could try for if I wanted to continue in 2D animation as it appears to play a large part in what they do.

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