Monday, 29 April 2013

Industry: Animation UK (Not an alliance!)

Animation UK is a group whose aim is to provide tax breaks for Animation within the UK, the group was founded by Animator Oli Hyatt who works for Blue Zoo Animation in London. I've actually met them before because the lectured at Animex 2012, about their initiative to try and improve the climate in which animation studios can survive within the UK.

Animation doesn't really recieve tax breaks in the UK in the same way that movies do, Animation UK feels this puts UK animation studios at a disadvantage in the world market as it means that it will be more cost-effective to produce animation abroad, costing the UK animation industry jobs and money etc.
The aim is to create fairer trading conditions for those who produce animation within the UK and "to help protect or increase the ownership of IP that is of such value to the UK Economy."
 Animation UK is attempting to work with the government to see if they can hopefully implement such tax breaks, having attended several parliament meetings to try and make a push, as well as contacting George Osbourne directly. They have recieved SOME support from members of Parliament, particularly those whose young children watch animation.

Animation UK is a pretty cool thing, if I'm honest, I would like to see the UK having more of a foothold in the industry because hopefully it will mean more jobs, and more opportunities for young creatives to be able to make more of a living in the arts.

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