Monday, 29 April 2013

Jobs: Norwich Castle Commission

Norwich Castle Animation Commission

Having found a site called, which is a website which seems to give listings for jobs within the arts, both paid and unpaid, as well as some festivals and competitions.
Having looked, there is this listing for a historical animation for Norwich Castle.

Part of the reason this listing appeals to me is that the brief specifies that they would not like a CGI look to it and would prefer something hand crafted like "Hand-drawn or cutout", the idea of making a historical animation in 2D animation is something I've dealt with before and actually found to be a pretty interesting process because of the amount of research of the period that one has to put into it, rather than the research of techniques.

While I don't think I can enter just yet, as the payrate is too high for someone with my lack of professional experience, it's simple ideas like this that could be where the animation world takes me. As well as big films and festivals, there is also a need for animation in smaller places such as in schools and museums and exhibits to teach and tell a historical story.

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