Monday, 4 February 2013

Some more work on the character

Gave my character a torso and the beginning of his spine. The shaders have been used to try and recreate the look of a 2D drawing, it's attempting to keep the character as close to the model sheet as possible, but also it hides visual flaws in a slightly sneaky manner.
Shoulder pads were actually the same shape as the torso but smaller. Just as symmetrical though, so it keeps everything quite uniform

Created the head by using a rounded cube, simple head but it works because it adds to the rounded edges of the character which are a little bit different from the model sheet.
The face is just a texture so it can be animated, it's actually a plane which is separate from the head because I was having trouble with it on the actual head because it was mirrored on every side of the head.
The intention would be that the character's face would be 2D animation on a texture so that way I can keep some of the spirit of the two-dimensional drawing.

The accents on the torso and pelvis were achieved through  putting the darker textures under the shaders so that they would look seamless. The addition of an emblem helped to disguise it.
The emblem also helps introduce a bit of 2D work to keep the spirit of the character.

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