Monday, 11 February 2013

He lives!

Added the head, was originally going to have a toilet brush for the character but doing the bristles proved to be too difficult as I was modelling individual clumps of brush and it came out looking too much like a set of spikes, I decided doing a loo roll would be much easier and add a little bit more humor. The hand was made using block modelling and came out looking alright, used a HyperNerbs to smooth it. Arms are just cylinders but everything is using toon shaders to make it look more like the 2D image.

 He still needs rigging and he still needs a hat, although the hat is technically optional, I feel like it really adds to the character. It looks alright to me, although I think the 2D to 3D translation went well, the character looks a bit too rounded compared with the model sheet, but it came out looking at least recognizable and you can tell they were the same character.

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