Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Intro to cutout in Cinema4D

In college, the task I've been assigned is to create cutout animation in Cinema4D. The majority of what I'm making is comprised of 2D assets shot in a 3D perspective, I tried rigging a character before but I really didn't feel like it was working for me.

Initally I constructed the model based around the different bodyparts that would move, and while it might be easier than drawing individual frames, I'm very much a 2D animator so was a lot more comfortable with creating individual frames as textures and animating that.

The initial character and background didn't really have any of the visual charm I was looking for in my animation, because I'm very much a fan of hand-drawn pieces so I wanted to bring some of the quirkiness of 2D drawings to my 3D work.
This led to me scrapping the character and the background I had already made and restarting from scratch to make sets and characters which worked more for me.

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