Friday, 14 December 2012

Fleeing scene, final animation and changes.

The final video of the escape scene is up, I've changed the grass texture to just black and ended up playing with the lighting to create silhouettes rather than having blue silhouettes. Firstly, the grass texture wasn't that great and in someways detracted from the visual appeal of the scene. By playing with the light I was able to better convey the time of day, in a low light with silhouettes only to make out what is happening gives a much better impression that the scene is happening at Dusk. 

I also added actual animation to the fleeing characters, I animated their movement in flash and then exported as a JPEG image sequence which was placed frame by frame into Cinema4D as materials. Then very much in the same way as everything else, it was then animated after the movement tween was put in so that they were animating and moving at the same time.

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