Friday, 18 January 2013

Working the Scumscene

Recently did a logo for a really good website, UK Scumscene is a site which deals in metal and rock music within the UK and aims to give information, reviews and generally support the scene.
I was asked to make a new logo for the site with some custom typography rather than faffing about with fonts, which I thought was a really good idea because I really wanted to hand draw the font, which I ended up doing!

The first attempt came out not so well, I used a few references but I wasn't too skilled at making spiky metal font which is what thew site required.

 I wanted to include the Union Jack because I thought UK and all that, it would probably help to add a motif, also the use of only like 3 colours really appealed to me, the font it's self wasn't so great because when I shoved it through Illustrator it came out looking less metal and more cartoony, so I decided to scrap it and make something better.
In the meantime, I also thought of a new idea for the background. Keeping the 3 colour theme, I decided to create a two-tone union jack in red and black which would have white lettering to make it pop out against the dark background.
I used the old font which I'd vectorized as a placeholder because I hadn't created the new one yet, suffice to say it really made me glad I went for something different because I wasn't happy with it.
It was a nice idea, not what we went with but it was a step towards the final design.

I then finally came up with a font which I thought would look more appropriate for the image of the site, I was given the instructions to grunge the font up to make it really distressed which thankfully I was able to do in Illustrator which means that if it's scaled up it'll keep the grunge. Lewis, who runs the site came up with the idea that the stripes should still be used and decided that if they too were grunged that it would help to compliment the type. The black lettering and red stripes against a black background was reversed essentially, with the red still in the same place and it came out looking much better thanks to it.
UK Scumscene is owned and ran by Lewis Clark and aims to keep the UK scene for Rock and Metal music thriving.
Cheers to Lewis for asking me to do the logo, it really is a good site and should totally be checked out if you're into Metal or Rock. Looking forward to seeing more from the site, as it's starting to gain a well-deserved reputation! You can pop over to them at This link, right here.

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