Thursday, 27 March 2014

Current McSqueeze Progress: March 2014

Progress has fallen behind schedule, I have filmed 3 shots off the storyboard and all 3 are basically stationary shots. 
I have most of the props I need and the green screen with which to film the characters on, 
the main things that need doing are:
  • Finishing off backgrounds in Photoshop and FireAlpaca.
  • Filming the rest of the scenes and creating a very rough edit for timing.
  • Source some sound effects and replace temporary voices with final ones.
  • Take into after effects and add special effects, stabilize footage and comp characters against backdrops.
 There aren't many weeks left on the course, so I'm going to try and at least get a rough cut done which has as many of the backgrounds comped into it in order to at least give someone watching it a sense of what the visuals will look like.

Comparing the storyboards to my ideal visuals, I have the shots I've filmed which are my attempt at capturing the quality I hope the final product is:

I think the final look is both accurate to, and better quality than the storyboard. My particular favourite part is the background, I have many problems drawing backdrops but this very abstract style seems to compliment the puppets surprisingly well.

At the very least, if all the shots in the trailer have this sort of look to them, I'll be happy.

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